Behind the scenes at the Halloween Haunt

Every year, students from across the Bay Area visit California’s Great America Halloween Haunt for the thrill, scares and spine-chilling scenery. While the visitors enjoy themselves in the scare zones and mazes, the employees stand in the sidelines, witnessing every piercing scream and petrified reaction.

Video/Reporting By- Meghna Gaddam, Filming/Reporting By- Fatima Ali, Additional Reporting By- Jennie Chen,


MVHS on: Religion

One of the most debated topics in society is religion. Is it good or bad? Is it real? What does it teach society? These are just few amongst the many questions that surround the implications of religion. Students address how this topic is viewed on a high school level.

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Restaurant Roulette: Café Torre

Twice a month, El Estoque goes to restaurants around Cupertino and takes a chance by asking the waiter to personally choose the menu items for us. This week, the alphabetical theme continues with a trip to Café Torre.

Education Inequality within the Silicon Valley

Monta Vista is lucky to be a school with great students and great resources; however this is not always the case. Just within our neighboring cities, we see schools with proficiency rates as low as 25%, and low funding for improving education, which eventually creates a detrimental impact on those students’ future living conditions. This shouldn’t have to be the case.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 12.43.32 AMEducational disparity between two schools in the Silicon Valley

Art- Isabel Navarrete and Ananya Bhat, Script- Pranav Jandhyala, Video/Narration- Meghna Gaddam,

HAmlit students and teachers share views on new grading system

Ever since word spread about HAmlit classes changing their grading system, the campus has run rampant with rumors about what this means: will it be easier, harder or more stressful? These are all questions students are addressing with their own opinions. What students don’t know, however, is that teachers chose to change the system after a lot of thorough research. The following takes a look at the bigger picture, addressing both student and teacher views.

One Minute Perspective: Campus Opinions on the Dress Code

The dress code is a highly controversial subject on public school campuses. While some believe the rules limit student expression, others believe certain forms of dress distract and disrupt the learning environment. Below are Monta Vista staff and students who address their opinions regarding this dilemma.

“In reality, we should be able to wear whatever we want to and if a guy gets distracted, it’s his fault.”-Mythili Ketavarapu

“That’s the thing. What’s inappropriate and what’s not? I don’t know.” -Vishal Mahalawat

“I really feel like women are overly sexualized, like their bodies are overly sexualized, and I don’t see why. We are all human.”- Alice Tsvinev

“The purpose of the dress code is to make sure that we protect the learning environment.”- Principal April Scott

Videos By- Isabel Navarrete and Meghna Gaddam

The tipping tower: Parents fight against the renewal of a cell tower

For about the past 6 months, FUHSD board members and parents have been debating about the instillation and renewal of cellphone towers in Cupertino high schools. While the board and other experts believe building the tower will allow better cell service, parents are worried that radiation from the tower will damage the health of their children. Students don’t have much say in this dilemma as the board and parents continue to deliberate on their behalf.

Video, voiceover, and editing by Ananya Bhat and Meghna Gaddam.