The History of African Americans

In honor of the completion of Black History month, we took the initiative to create a brief timeline outlining the journey African Americans in the country have gone through these past few centuries.


The couples of

n honor of Valentine’s Day, we decided to collect three couples to ask them about how they met and how their relationship came to be. *WARNING: can be very depressing if you are single — but it’s very cute.

Behind the scenes at the Halloween Haunt

Every year, students from across the Bay Area visit California’s Great America Halloween Haunt for the thrill, scares and spine-chilling scenery. While the visitors enjoy themselves in the scare zones and mazes, the employees stand in the sidelines, witnessing every piercing scream and petrified reaction.

Video/Reporting By- Meghna Gaddam, Filming/Reporting By- Fatima Ali, Additional Reporting By- Jennie Chen,