One Minute Perspective: Campus Opinions on the Dress Code

The dress code is a highly controversial subject on public school campuses. While some believe the rules limit student expression, others believe certain forms of dress distract and disrupt the learning environment. Below are Monta Vista staff and students who address their opinions regarding this dilemma.

“In reality, we should be able to wear whatever we want to and if a guy gets distracted, it’s his fault.”-Mythili Ketavarapu

“That’s the thing. What’s inappropriate and what’s not? I don’t know.” -Vishal Mahalawat

“I really feel like women are overly sexualized, like their bodies are overly sexualized, and I don’t see why. We are all human.”- Alice Tsvinev

“The purpose of the dress code is to make sure that we protect the learning environment.”- Principal April Scott

Videos By- Isabel Navarrete and Meghna Gaddam


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